They Make Technology Work

Cattron has the safest and most comprehensive collection of Radio Remote Control brands for cranes, locomotives, material handling equipment, mining machinery, mobile equipment, shiploaders, and agricultural machinery.

global leader

Cattron is a global leader in solving electromagnetic interference challenges and providing state-of-the-art wireless communication and smart system solutions.

Team of experts

Working with design experts, manufacturing specialists, quality assurance technicians and engineers to ensure that they deliver services that are speedy and customized for your goals.

Laird Remote Control Rail Product Image

extremely diversified

They meet the needs of a variety of industries and applications, delivering transformational solutions for a constantly changing digital society.

Innovation Leaders

Their products are engineered with unparalleled innovation and precision and are supplied to major companies across the world.

Cattron Power Plant Remtron Success Story

Cattron Remote Control - Industrial

Cattron Remote Control Crane Mobile

Cattron Remote Control Rail

Cattron Industrial Crane Flyer

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Who is Laird?
Who is Laird?
Laird's Differentiation
Laird's Differentiation
Our Global Presence
Our Global Presence
Markets we serve
Markets we serve
Our products
Our products

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