Chance instant foundation systems

Design, Tested, and Proven

CHANCE® Instant Foundation® systems are designed, tested, and proven in applications for DOTs, utilities, area lighting, architecture and airports. This system excels in the special construction and design circumstances presented by these applications and are listed in standards and specifications for numerous public and private sector entities.

Reduced Costs

CHANCE Instant Foundations can be immediately loaded once installation is complete, resulting in higher productivity rates per crew and reduced installation costs.

Versatile Design

The higher allowable bending moment combined with axial tension and compression capacity allows the foundations to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Chance Instant Foundation Systems Image

Focused on quality

Versatile in their application and installation in a variety of site conditions. The design allows for installation in inclement weather conditions using typical construction equipment.


The lighter weight of this system, typically weighing between 130 to 215 pounds, reduces shipping costs and allows the use of smaller installation equipment, typically a skid steer loader or small excavator.

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