Defender plastics

Protection starts outside the box.

BOLO™ Corner Guards are a preventative solution that eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming utility box replacements and repairs. You have more important things to do than repair and replace damaged utility boxes. Installing BOLO™ Guard on all utility boxes is the best way to safe-guard them from future damage.

Innovation Experts

Unlike repair solutions designed to fix damaged utility infrastructure, BOLO™ Guard serves as a preventative solution protecting utility boxes from damage.

Customer focused

Their in your corner. They create products intended to save you time, money, and probably more than a few headaches.

Flange vs No-Flange

The flange version is used for single-phase transformer boxpads, or boxpads that typically have exposure above ground. The no-flange is for applications where more boxpad is exposed above grade, like a sectionalizing cabinet.

Saving Time

Commonly-used patching systems can take up to 30 minutes per corner. BOLO™ Guard takes less than 60-seconds to install per corner.

BOLO™ Guard Info Guide

BOLO™ Guard Tech Spec Guide

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