ILJIN Electric

High Voltage Substation Equipment

ILJIN’s Heavy Electric division is emerging as a global heavy electric total solutions company manufacturing core device of electric equipment including EHV transformers, EHV GIS, IPB, Gas LBS, Recloser and C-GIS.

Innovation Experts

ILJIN Electric, as the nation’s only total heavy electric machinery company, not only provides cable of various voltages, but also provides transformer, GIS and other heavy electric machinery needed in the electric power system.

Customer focused

Their solutions deliver superior performance and they are focused on great customer service and quality products.

ILJIN Electric Transformer

Focused on quality

With their high voltage transformers (66kV-765kV) as a pillar product, they also produce transformers for transmission, reception & distribution of power within factory as well as furnace transformers. They also provide great services from installation to operation.

Gold Standards

ILJIN’s transformers are in service around the world and meet international standards such as IEC and ANSI.

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