A World Leader in Power Distribution Solutions

Integro is a manufacturer of PV harnesses and home-run assemblies for the solar industry. Molder of power distribution and temporary lighting equipment serving the Airfield Lighting, Mining, Shipbuilding, Power Utilities and Steel Fabrication markets.

Market Leader

Producing high quality products is a cornerstone of their success. At Integro, they fully understand the value of having quality products that work when you need them, all the time.

Continued Growth

Whether it's growth in sales, system improvements or personnel development, Integro will always strive to continuously improve and grow to become an all around better company.

Innovative Mindset

At Integro, they are always striving to find the latest and greatest products, the most technological ways to make them, and the most innovative ways to do business.

Customers First

Whether it's solving problems, expediting shipments or doing all the little things to ensure good business relationships, at Integro-the customer comes first!

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