OneMonroe Integro

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OneMonroe Integro offers a full line of DC Wiring Solutions for the Solar Industry. The company offers products that are designed to carry DC power from the Solar panels, down the rows and to the Distribution or Combiner Boxes for conversion to AC power on the Grid. Our products include Harnesses with 2 to 14 Inputs, Y, X and T Junctions, Extenders, as well as Fused and Non-Fused Jumpers. The company also offers full Home Run packages designed to collect end of row cables and bring them to Combiner Boxes. All products come with the industry standard Connectors and Fuses. All products are UL 9703 Listed and ultrasonically welded, factory controlled crimped and over molded in UL Approved materials. The products are produced on multiple cable sizes ranging from #10 to #6 Copper and #2 to #6 Aluminum. The company offers Full Engineering Analysis and Take Off of Site Plans offering Turnkey Solutions. All products have multiple levels of Quality Test Procedures built in that exceed UL requirements and guarantee long-term use, service, and performance.

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