PUPI Crossarms

Manufacturer Overview

PUPI stands out as a leader in the fiberglass crossarm industry because of their innovation, experience, and longevity in the market. PUPI crossarms provide the most durable alternative to wood, steel – even other composite crossarms.


Manufacturer Details

Industry: Contractor & EPC, Utility & Renewable

HQ Location: Stewartville, Minnesota


Payment terms:Net 30 days after invoice date. PUPI reserves the right to adjust prices at any time. Spot price quotes are effective for 90 days, unless otherwise specified. Annual price quotes may be adjusted with 45 days' notice. Freight Terms:Orders for standard products to be shipped approximately 21-28 days after order acknowledgement. Actual ship date will be determined at time of order. Freight is "prepay and add" for orders that do not contain at least one complete pallet. Products 15' or longer will be shipped by flatbed truck. Additional freight charges will apply.

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