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Laminated Poles / Raked & Tagent

If you’re facing a project where round poles don’t meet your needs, before turning to steel or concrete, consider the benefits of Laminated Wood Poles. They can save you time, money and headaches. And they offer proven strength and durability in standard or custom engineered sizes.

Quick and Easy

Laminated Wood Poles can frequently be set in one day or less minimizing job site preparation issues related to foundations.

Save Time

Laminated Wood Poles save time. Lead times can be very short compared to steel or concrete.

mcfarland laminated poles

Meets Requirements

McFarland Cascade Laminated Poles can be engineered and manufactured to meet specific loading requirements.

Adaptable Poles

Laminated Poles can be field-drilled, so last minute changes can be made easily and quickly with standard tools.

McFarland Cascade SYP Laminated Pole Specs

McFarland Cascade CDF Laminated Pole Specs

McFarland Cascade Laminated Pole Brochure

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