Custom To Suit Your Needs

Metallics Inc. is a domestic manufacturer, as well as an importer, of Fasteners, Bolts, Screws, Anchors and other related supplies. They have excellent fill rates, same day shipping and competitive prices. Metallics can also design and manufacturer fasteners to customer specifications. HQ’d in Bristol, CT, Metallics Inc offers the highest ratio of American-made products to Foreign-made products in the industry.

Innovation Experts

They know the Fastener Market and have been serving it proudly since 1959. Metallics stands out from competitors because only Metallics can say we have the ability to manufacture exclusive, unique fasteners through their affiliate, Avanti Screw, Inc.

Customer focused

With Metallics, you can be sure that a strong relationship will be built. Their knowledgeable sales and support staff is always available to answer your questions.

Metallics Custom Fasteners

Custom Designs

Metallics is not just a supplier of fasteners and related supplies, Metallics is also one of the few suppliers that design and manufacture fastener components to your specifications.

Efficient Methods

Metallics constantly employs more efficient and streamlined methods of doing business. These techniques allow them to operate at peak efficiency in order to pass on our savings to you.

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