MP Husky

NEMA Cable Tray, Cable Bus, Wire Mesh/Basket Cable Trays

MP Husky designs and manufactures UL CSA NEMA Cable Tray Systems, UL CSA NEMA Wire Mesh/Basket Cable Tray Systems, and UL CSA NEMA Cable Bus Power Distribution Systems.

Innovation Experts

MP Husky has high-quality systems that are proven to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of 10 CFR50 Appendix B - Nuclear Standards of the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, CSA, UL, and NEMA.

Customer focused

MP Husky has an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction and service and are eager to earn your loyalty and trust. They continue to build and strengthen partnerships .

MP Husky

Focused on quality

The Husky drive to be the most reliable, highest quality, cost-effective and innovative cable tray manufacturer and cable bus manufacturer of NEMA compliant Cable Support Systems and Cable Bus Power Distribution Systems.

Tested and proven

MP Husky has tested and proven processes and controls in their Quality System, with a constant focus and effort on continuous improvement.

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