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So many advantages to going with NKT Photonics

Lios Sensing has temperature monitoring solutions that are based on using passive optical fibres as distributed temperature sensors. The solutions are carefully designed and thoroughly tested.

Market Leader

They provide full solutions from the early design phase, over installation and commissioning, to service and maintenance once the system is deployed.

Highly Reliable

Their systems are extremely robust because they are not affected by environmental factors that would normally influence traditional sensors.

Fast and effective

Their sensing solutions deliver continuous and accurate monitoring of temperature and strain over long distances or across large surfaces – at the speed of light!

Cost Effective

Another advantage is that a LIOS system is the most cost-effective for large installations as you do not have to install heaps of conventional sensors across your installation.

Distributed Temperature Sensing

Thermal monitoring solution for your Renewable Distribution Systems.Ensuring an optimal and reliable supply of electrical power for today's world.

Temperature Monitoring and Leakage Detection

Permanent monitoring of large chemical processing plants, reactors, pipelines, storage tanks, gasifiers, blast furnaces and refineries.

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LIOS DE.TECT linear heat detection system installed in the Eisenhower Tunnel
LIOS DE.TECT linear heat detection system installed in the Eisenhower Tunnel
NKT Photonics Group
NKT Photonics Group

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