Now representing Sabre Industries

Now representing Sabre Industries

Now representing Sabre Industries


EMS Partners is now representing Sabre Industries in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan. This is a very exciting opportunity for our company, and we look forward to working with all the end users in our market to support their Steel Utility Structure needs.

About Sabre

As the leading manufacturer of power delivery structures in the United States, Sabre Industries has more than 4 decades of experience engineering, designing and manufacturing steel transmission and distribution structures ranging from 69kV to 765kV. From a single pole to large projects with various configurations, Sabre Industries will meet your needs.

Sabre Industries is “Innovation delivered.” They are a trusted supplier of tubular steel products created with a focus on safety, quality, and on-time delivery. Sabre provides seamless engineering, design and service capabilities to their North American partners from 31 U.S. locations and a global, in-house engineering team.

Product and Service Offerings

  • Power Transmission Poles
  • Power Substation Structures
  • Wood Pole Equivalents
  • Galvanizing and Coatings
  • 7 U.S. Manufacturing Facilities

Reach out!

If you’re looking for a partner to build an alliance with, this is the right one! We will help you with all of your engineering and design, forecasting, project management, and ensure your material is delivered on-time. Our geography has a very unique opportunity over the coming decade…let us help you turn your LRTP projects into a full blanket alliance to strengthen your overall purchasing power!

About EMS Partners

EMS Partners is a trusted manufacturer’s representative that is dedicated to matching OEM, C&I, Municipality, and Utility-scale Energy customers with the products and services they need to drive innovation, productivity, safety, and reliability for their organizations and customers. We are a closely-held private organization with a clearly defined long-term succession plan. Our manufacturers trust our market knowledge, technical expertise and strong relationships with the end-users of their products. We carefully vet our manufacturers to ensure we are bringing our customers the best solutions available in the market.