Rauckman Utility Products

Products Designed for Utility Companies and Utility Line Personnel.

Rauckman Utility Products invents, develops and produces products for Electric Utility Companies to increase operator safety and system reliability. Including Animal Mitigation, Avian Protection, Safety and Tools, Tagging, Outrigger Pads and Pistol Grip Switch Covers.

Innovation Experts

Rauckman Utility Products, LLC is a leader and an innovator in the manufacturing of products designed to improve the safety, reliability and functionality of electrical utility companies.

Safety focused

The insulated rubber gloves allow utility workers to handle wires in a safer manner that reduces the chance of electrical shock. These gloves can be molded to each individual worker’s hand shape and size.

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Focused on quality

Rauckman Utility Products has developed and sells over 100 different products to electric utility industry, including Hotline Tools, Outrigger Pads, Avian Protection, Tagging Devices, Pole Helmets, BugWrench, the ZapShield and insulated rubber gloves.

Continued Growth

Rauckman Utility Products has grown from a company operated out of the Rauckmans’ house to a company that serves utility companies across the United States as well as Canada and Mexico and countries outside North America.

Rauckman Utility Avian Covers

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Rauckman Case Study

Rauckman MeterPuller™

Rauckman Bugwrench

Rauckman's Pole-Helmet Pole Caps

Rauckman Squirrel Tape

Rauckman Wildlife Shield Install Guide

Rauckman Utility Products Wildlife Shields

Rauckman Universal Live-Line Tools

Rauckman Plastic Insulating Cover-Up

Rauckman Utility Products Outrigger Pads

Rauckman Single-Insulator Disconnect Cover

Rauckman Conductor Cover-Selector Chart

Rauckman Silicone Conductor Covers

Rauckman Conduit Riser Cover

Rauckman Utility Products’ Cutout Covers

Rauckman's ZAPshield™ & ZAPcover™

ZAPshield and 3M Guard Test Data Report

Rauckman ZAPshield Application Guide

Rauckman Utility Products Outage Protection

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