Below you will find EMS Partners’ educational resources.

Manufacturer Resources

Here you will find all of the online resources our partners offer.

Click on any of the manufacturer’s logos and you will be lead directly to their virtual training resources to learn more.


Chance by Hubbell Power System boasts a large range of online resources, including:

  • Hubbell TV YouTube series
  • Educational blog
  • PowerPods podcast
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Interactive catalogue library
  • Literature storefront

CTC Global features a great library of resources, notably:

  • File library
    • industry reports
    • white papers
    • manuals
  • Video library
    • trainings
    • products
    • projects

Hapco has accumulated an extremely helpful library of information with:

  • Informational videos
  • Installation guides
  • Orientation guides
  • ¬†Wind zone maps
  • Wind induced vibration guides
  • Industry links

AFL Global exhibits one of the largest online resource databases. Find:

  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Blog
  • Catalogues
  • Software guides
  • Newsroom
  • FAQs

Dura-Line offers many publicly available documents for online download, as well as online tools and trainings such as:

  • Digital tools and calculators
  • Videos
  • Installation guides
  • Safety data sheets
  • Brochures
  • Industry vocabulary index
  • Dura-Line Academy

Creative Composite Group has available a wide amount of resources, including:

  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • Technical papers and literature
  • Video gallery

Eaton’s Digital Innovation page invites users to explore through their resources such as:

  • Brightlayer, their innovative digital software solution platform
  • Catalogues
  • Software developer tools
  • Cybersecurity documents

Acuity Brands presents one of the most varied and organiazed online resource databases. You can find:

  • Customer tools
  • Solutions by industry
  • Educational documents
  • Events
  • Technical resources
  • Blog
  • Educational programs

RITZ USA has an incredible backlog of informational documents, including:

  • Installation guides
  • General manuals
  • Tech bulletins
  • Cross reference guides