Quality Steel Poles. Delivered.

TAPP utility structures are built for strength and longevity, their steel structures are manufactured with the highest quality standards for our utility clients. They have 50 years of trusted manufacturing experience in the steel structure industry.

Innovation Experts

Clients rely on TAPP’s experienced engineering team to improve on their own designs leading to structures that are 6-8% lighter while maintaining all structure integrity.

Customer focused

With over $30M of pre-purchased raw material on hand, combined with highly automated machinery, TAPP can offer extremely competitive lead times on any project.

Tapp Inc Pole Photo

T&D Structures

TAPP offers every type of T&D steel structure available, including: monopoles, H-Frames, 3 pole structures, and highly customized configurations.

Adaptable & Custom

From 69kV to 500kV, Tapp manufacturing capacity can handle any size project.From small power municipalities to large multi-state utility corporations, TAPP can work with your custom needs.

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