Technology For Automation

Total system technologies & engineering for Power Distribution/Sub Stations to insure safety and reliability for critical processes (Low voltage & Medium voltage). Equipment includes the Tech4 Arc Quencher™, Transformers, Switchgear & E- houses, MCC’s and HRG (high resistance grounding). When downtime and arc flash are not an option!

Innovation Experts

Tech4 automates industrial machinery, all day, every day. They know how to design it so that it will work.

Customer focused

They are dedicated to being as flexible as our clients need so we can quickly and effectively modify a process and tackle issues without the project losing momentum.

Ready to Listen

Experience guides them but does not pigeonhole them. Tech4 are an open-minded organization constantly gathering input from customers.

Energy Savings

Tech4 especially loves doing a turnkey solution. They're able to give their imaginations free reign over the process, and are able to provide many exciting and unprecedented process advantages for clients.

Tech4 Arc Flash Costs & Liability

Tech4 Arc Quenching Transformer Brochure 2019

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