ZTZ Services

The Pioneer in Transformer Monitoring

ZTZ Services is the pioneer and leader in transformer monitoring technology. They provide innovative products that are precision-made, inspected and serviced in the USA. ZTZ Services solutions are designed to be simple-to-use, cost effective and provide data that is both reliable and accurate.

Accurate & Reliable

They provide products that give customers the right measurements when they need them the most.

Customer focused

ZTZ Services is trusted by the world's largest power companies and have industry leading customer support.


They are proud to be a veteran-owned company. Our products are all made and serviced in America.

Innovative Solutions

They are the pioneers in monitoring and provide innovative solutions that are cost effective and simple-to-use. Our solutions help customers improve safety and save money.

Bushing Monitor ZVCM-1001

The Bushing Monitor ZVCM-1001, which is an extension package to the MTE HYDROCAL family, is a permanently installed on-line bushing monitoring system.

ZTZ Sentinel TRANSMAX 1000

The ZTZ Sentinel TRANSMAX 1000 simultaneously acquires up to six bushing inputs and calculates bushing power factor from each them using sophisticated algorithms.


The HYDROCAL 1005 is a permanently-installed multi-gas-in-oil analysis system with transformer monitoring functions.

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ZTZ Services - About Us
ZTZ Services - About Us

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